Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On Spring and Flowers in Vegas

When I just came to Las Vegas, I was horrified by many things. First of all, the heat. I am pretty sure that Vegas can boast of the driest and most heating heat possible in a populated city. And you better pray there is no wind! Otherwise, you are baked - or roasted, whichever you prefer - alive by the Sun and the burning wind. 
   Then came another unpleasant realization: there are no "real" trees here. Only cacti and palm trees. And a variety of coniferous trees, too. But they don't really count as trees in my perception! 
   And when I was told that Spring is a lovely time in Vegas - I had serious doubts. Now that I have lived through two Springs in Vegas, I can actually confirm - Spring IS lovely here in Vegas! 
Oleander is everywhere and blooms throughout spring and summer - evening air is delicious here! 

Surprised as I was, there are real roses in Las Vegas! The wonderful China roses are my favorite - they bring up childhood memories, when my grandma used to treat me to a teaspoon of China roses jam when I had a sore throat. It was the best treat on Earth! And quite possibly - still is.  

A Mimosa tree - Quite a lot of it, actually. One just  below my balcony.  I am so grateful to it every time I get the chance to breathe in it's distinguished sweetness!  

Pink Acacia tree. Can you imagine?! I could not believe my eyes when I saw it! My home town is flooded with blooming acacia in spring and it certainly was nice to kinda, connect to that, in a way. 

This is my favorite Vegas tree so far. It has dark red leafage from spring to fall,  it turns bright fairy-tale red in fall  and it blooms pink in spring!! What more can I wish from a tree! 

Sorry for the blurry pics - I'll make better ones 
and post them a bit later! 

Finding these along a high-way (and all roads here are like high-ways) was like finding a well with cool clear water to a thirsty stranger! Lovely, lovely real field flowers in the midst of a city in the desert.   

These are common representatives of the so-called desert landscape around here. They come in a variety of colors - orange, violet and white. I prefer orange ones :) 

And these are huge leafy trees with adorable and unusually tropical flowers. I guess I should do a bit of research to provide the names for the plants that give me so much pleasure! 

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