Friday, June 7, 2013

Author's Block, is it?

Whether you ARE an author or just making it through life, we have all experienced a so-called Author's Block - when you have thoughts, ideas, desires, interests, projects that excite you, books you want to read, languages you do not give yourself the chance to study properly and many other such like things that make your life richer, healthier, happier, fuller and generally worth living, but you don't have the inner strength to share them or even worse - indulge in them. And you go on for days living in this state of hibernation, growing more dissatisfied with yourself, more irritable and intolerant to the ones you actually love. Some call a deeper stage of the Block "depression" and for whatever the reason, find it easier to give in to the Block, instead of pulling the butt up and spend time you otherwise would have just wasted in feeling sorry and angry with yourself, doing ONE thing that you have been wanting to do for weeks! 
   I suggest get a dog!! No other pet would do for the purposes of this conversation. 
You have to walk a dog 2-3 times a day, buy - or better cook! -  for it regularly.  This should help keep you in tone - which is a start! While walking the dog, you will see people, eventually will start saying Hello to them, you will pass by shop windows which could call your attention, or you can even read while your dog is enjoying itself in the park!
  So, get a dog!! And just to make it clear, by "get a dog" I mean "adopt" one. 
  Keep it up! As soon as you start, you will actually realize that the proverb is right - First step is half the battle! 

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