Saturday, July 6, 2013

On Palm Trees in Vegas (a promise to a dear friend)

It might sound surprising, but there are people who have never seen palm trees. I mean real, naturally growing or man-planted and carefully looked after. Personally I  don't even consider palm trees as real trees. But I have promised my old friend to share the wander I was given to observe day after day, without giving proper credit.
So here I am, sharing Las Vegas palm trees and cacti with the World.

This is my favorite park. Actually, it is the ONLY place I can call park here: )

Those stings seem to be its flowers or fruit. As you see, I am not much a flora knower 

I like these pineapple looking palm trees!  

These appear during the vegetation, attractive but hardly eatable.

Now, don't ask, just enjoy the looks!  

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